Good people,
good work.

Bandada, a flock of birds.

Production, strategy, creative, technology: we are a collective of senior digital freelancers. Proficient and adaptive, we swiftly assemble into nimble strike teams responsive to the unique requirements of your project. Matching talent to task, we offer the optimum mix of independent digital experts – unified in the goal of producing the best work possible on each and every job.

How we
can help.


We live by one guiding principle: Do the best work possible, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We are purely professional. Which is why we work only with senior digital experts. So, whether it's developing a digital strategy, ideating & conceiving, or final production, our ability to strictly adhere to process translates to work that is done better and faster – and less costly than traditional agencies.


Jennifer Paul
Partner, Production

Jen has been managing digital advertising for 15+ years as a Producer and Resource Manager, the last 8 years as an independent contractor. Jen brings extensive digital production process knowledge to the table as well an understanding of how to assemble, guide, and motivate teams to achieve the best possible work.

Ryan Hryciuk
Partner, Creative

Ryan is a meticulous and driven creative leader with 17+ years of experience. His creative talents eschew boundaries – he is adept in print, broadcast, and digital. Ryan has led creative teams of 25+ people, and has executed projects with budgets in excess of $1M. Ryan's passion, dedication and discerning eye ensure that we deliver the best possible work on every project for every client.